VideoPhotoTourism - Using Video Input to Extend Phototourism

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Scott Rick

This website is for my final project for CS 534 Intro to Computational Photography at UW-Madison taught by Professor Dyer.

My project is a preprocessor for phototourism applications such as Microsoft Photosynth and PhotoCity Game.

The general idea is to allow phototourism applications to allow for video input as a new source of images to recreate landmark locations. The process takes video inputs, captures and saves video stills, and then uses the video stills and supplementary photographic imagese as input to phototourist applications.


Single video [source video (.avi)]

Two videos [zipped source videos (.avi)]

Six videos [zipped source videos (.avi)]

Six videos with rotation [zipped source videos (.avi)]

Single video with supplementary photos [zipped video (.avi) and photos (.jpg)]


PowerPoint Presentation


Source Code: