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CS 740
Advanced Computer Networks

Suman Banerjee
Fall 2005



Reading List





  • Dec 3: Mid-term III on Dec 12 (in class). Topics: Resource management until end of semester.

  • Nov 7: Review assignment and instructions announced. See here.
  • Nov 4: Mid-term II on Nov 21 (Mon) in class. Topics: Overlays, DNS, web, sampling and security.
  • Oct 9: Mid-term I on Oct 24 (Mon) in class. Topics: upto Sept 26 (Internet basics + wireless).
  • Oct 9: Best two out of three mid-terms will be used for course grade.
  • Oct 2: Project proposal due on Oct 7 (Fri).
  • Jul 25: First class on Friday, September 2, 2005. A warm-up assignment will be made available and be due in a 11 days. Please attend.
  • Course Description


    This course will cover the principles of networking with a focus on algorithms, protocols, and implementations for advanced networking services. We will begin with a brief retrospection on the design of the Internet, its basic mechanisms and protocols. We will examine a variety of ideas that were proposed to enhance the Internet, why some of these enhancements were successful while others were not. Subsequently we will move on to a select set of advanced topics in networking, primarily at recent and ongoing advances in "the edges" of the Internet. We will focus on:

  • The "physical edge" of the Internet, i.e., access networks. In particular, we will examine how proliferation of mobile, wireless access techniques affect choice of algorithms, protocols, and their implementations.
  • The "logical edge" of the Internet, i.e., overlay-based (peer-to-peer) systems.

    All topics in this course will be covered through research papers. In each class I will lead a discussion on one or two papers. In order to have a discussion, students will be expected to have read these papers prior to class.

    Each student in the class will be expected to do a research project. In the first two classes I will discuss a number of possible projects. However, students are encouraged to define their own ideas for research projects. For each research project, a student should submit a written project plan, a summary at the end of the semester and an oral presentation on the project.


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    Required text


    Reference texts

    Computer Networks: A Systems Approach (3rd Edition)
    by Larry Peterson and Bruce Davie. Morgan Kaufmann, 2003.
    ISBN: 1-55860-832-X
    Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet
    by Jim Kurose and Keith Ross, Addison-Wesley.
    ISBN: 0-201-61274-7
    TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1
    by W. Richard Stevens. Addison-Wesley.
    ISBN: 0-201-63346-9
    TCP/IP Sockets in C: Practical Guide for Programmers
    by Michael Donahoo and Kenneth Calvert. Morgan Kaufmann, 2003.
    ISBN: 1-55860-826-5

    Read for fun

    Where Wizards stay up Late
    by Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon. Simon and Schuster.
    ISBN: 0-684-83267-4

  • General Information


    Class Time  

    M W F 9.30-10.45am (on average 2 days each week)


    1257 CSS




    Teaching Assistant


    Suman Banerjee

    Shreepadma Venugopalan



    CS 7391


    Office hours

    after class 11-12 noon


    If you cannot make these office hours, please send email to arrange another time.

    Class Mailing List  

    Final Exam




    Assignments will be due at the start of class on the due date. Late assignments will not be accepted, so turn in whatever you have done.


    Handed out



    Course Overview and Syllabus





    The readings indicated are from the reading list.

    Meeting frequency: Early in the semester the class will meet thrice a week. This will help you see some initial material relevant for course projects. However, towards the latter part of the semester we will meet only once a week, especially to give you more time to work on your projects. Averaged over the entire semester, the class will have met twice a week (no different from other graduate courses).

    Reading assignments: For each class, I will assign at most one paper that you will be required to have read prior to the class. This is mandatory for each student. A part of your course grade will depend on participation in class discussions. Thererfore, please make sure that you keep up with the readings.

    Reading groups: To help yourself prepare for each class, you should form reading groups of 3-4 members each. The goal of the reading group would be to meet prior to class and discuss the paper assigned for the corresponding class meeting.





    Additional notes


    Sep 2, Fri

    Course introduction
    warm-up assignment handed out (please attend)


    Sep 5, Mon

    Labor day holiday

    Sep 7, Wed

    Internet basics, history,
    architecture evolution


    A Brief History of the Internet
    Clark88, Clark90

    Sep 9, Fri

    - cont'd -



    Sep 12, Mon




    Sep 14, Wed


    Sep 16, Fri



    Sep 19, Mon

    No class (project planning)

    Sep 21, Wed

    No class (project planning)

    Sep 23, Fri



    Sep 26, Mon


    Sep 28, Wed

    Overlays and applications


    Virtual Servers [GLSKS04]

    Sep 30, Fri

    Pastry [Rowstron01] DNS [MD88]


    Oct 3, Mon


    Oct 5, Wed


    Network multicast [D88]

    Oct 7, Fri

    SRM [FJLMZ97]


    Oct 10, Mon


    Oct 12, Wed



    Oct 14, Fri



    Persistent HTTP [M95]


    Oct 17, Mon

    Oct 19, Wed

    No class

    Oct 21, Fri

    No class


    Oct 24, Mon

    Mid-term I (in class)
    topics upto Sep 26 (Internet basics + wireless)

    Oct 26, Wed


    [S+01] [SPW02]

    Oct 28, Fri


    Oct 31, Mon

    Nov 2, Wed

    Traffic sampling

    [DLT01], [EV03]

    Nov 4, Fri


    Nov 7, Mon

    Resource Management

    [FJ93], [F94]


    Nov 9, Wed

    Nov 11, Fri


    Nov 14, Mon

    Nov 16, Wed

    [CJ89], [BOP94]

    Nov 18, Fri

    - cont'd -


    Nov 21, Mon

    Mid-term II (in class)
    Topics from class on Sep 28 upto class on Nov 2
    (Overlays, DNS, web, sampling and security)

    Nov 23, Wed

    Class cancelled

    Nov 25, Fri

    Thanksgiving holiday


    Nov 28, Mon

    [DKS90], [SSZ98]


    Nov 30, Wed


    [S95], [CF98]

    Dec 2, Fri


    Dec 5, Mon

    - contd -

    Dec 7, Wed


    Dec 9, Fri


    Dec 12, Mon

    Mid-term III (in class)

    Dec 14, Wed

    Dec 15, Thu

    Project presentations-I

    Dec 16, Fri

    Project presentations-II