Through my research, I have explored various aspects of computer networking and distributed systems. Most of my work has been focussed on developing and implementing efficient techniques to scale networked systems. My areas of research have been peer-to-peer systems, mobile and wireless networks, network security and network measurements.

List of Publications

The following is a list of the different projects that I have worked on.

Agora NICE Rover Energy-efficiency Secure Spaces Hierarchies SONIC NetCalliper I2O

Agora: An Open Market Architecture for the Next Generation Wireless Internet

The goal of the Agora project is to define an open market architecture that enables a new collaborative infrstructure for wide-area wireless services. Agora proposes to change the current model of wide-area wireless data services in the following fundamental ways: (1) it decouples infrastructure providers from services providers and enables fine-grained competition, (2) it allows service interactions on arbitrary timescales, and (3) it promotes flexible composition of these fine-grained service interactions based on user and application needs. The Agora architecture combines several benefits by enabling the following salient features:
  • An Open-market Architecture: Agora is an open market architecture where in-range mobile devices provide mechanisms that allow users to harvest idle devices to be used as personal network service providers, and obtain necessary data services through them. The architecture offers a common ground for integration of heterogeneous mobile terminals, networks, services as well as applications.
  • Wireless Diversity: Agora combines different ways of exploiting distributed wireless diversity into a single architecture. Users in Agora aggregate bandwidths by exploiting multiple different levels of wireless diversity.
  • Incentive-based Collaboration: Agora architecture allows incentive-based collaboration amoung in-range mobile devices. The service discovery and charging scheme used in Agora provides appropriate means of guiding the Agora system to its optimal operating point. Devices in Agora that offer data forwarding services, recover their costs associated with energy losses and traffic loading through credit arising from using Agora's innovative charging scheme.
  • New Mobile Services: A set of in-range mobile devices perform device/service discovery to leverage service-level benefits of this architecture that was previously not possible in a non-collaborative environment.