> ~swetha

Mortality of Joy

Can this ecstasy be a reality...
I ask myself again,
How did this bliss come by?
Suddenly over me, like a flitting fly.

Yesterday was just another day,
The ups and downs, hustle and hassles,
Then whereof was this serendipity born,
To give form to my aerial castles?

How ever could one be so happy...
A perfect day, with everything going your way,
But would this Elysium last,
The mind warned the heart - "don't dance so fast."

"Like the rose that blooms today,
And tomorrow withers away,
Good things too come to an end,
The straightest of roads ultimately has a bend.

This plethora of joy is a sudden huge wave,
To you, not mere pleasure, but life's lesson it gave,
Not to be swept off in its glory, expecting more,
Soon it will itself retract off the shore.

Don't surfeit in exultation,
In these beatific times, this idyll,
Else you'll feel shattered by the ominous rocks
Of defeats, of sadness, when Fortune turns fickle.

Neither cushions nor thorns are forever,
So why inflate your heart, fill it to the brim with joy,
Or let it sink in gloom to the stygian dungeons
When the sudden spate of disappointments comes by?

Spring is to be enjoyed and then bid adieu,
So don't crave for it, try to cling on,
Autumn is bound to come, take it in its stride,
It's life's natural habit to bring darkness after dawn."