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CS 736 - Advanced Operating Systems - Spring 2016


Paper reviews: May 6, 9 pm
Final report: May 9, 9 pm
Final: Wednesday May 11th, Time 10:05am. Room: CS 1221


Welcome to graduate operating systems! This course will cover an exciting range of materials from the broad field of operating systems, including basic operating system structure, communication, memory management, reliability, file systems and storage, virtual machines, security, and manageability. We will examine influential historical systems and important current efforts, extracting lessons both on how to build systems as well as how to evaluate them.


There is no textbook for this course. Instead, we will read the original research papers covering the major advancement in operating system design. We will read several papers grouped around major topics, such as organization, memory management, and communication. While most of the papers focus on seminal ideas, a few focus on evaluation and measurement or future directions in research. More information is available on the reading page.


In this course, you will be completing two projects: a warm-up project and a main project. More information will be available on the project page.


There will be two midterm exams, each one covering one half the semester and of equal grading weight. You should be familiar with the papers and be able answer the questions from the reading section about those papers. The exams will be open-note, open-book, but not open-internet.


25%Reading and class participation
15%First exam
15%Second exam
10%Warm-up Project

Late assignments will be docked 25% per day late.


There are many sources of advice for systems researchers. Here are a few of my favorite.


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