Todd Tannenbaum's UW-CS Home Page

An old picture of me from 7 years ago... Todd Tannenbaum
Computer Sciences Department
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1210 W. Dayton St.
Madison, WI 53706-1685
Office: 4257 Computer Science
Phone: (608) 263-7132 FAX: (608) 262-9777

So, you wanna know something about Todd Tannenbaum, eh? OK, this combined with my resume will give you the $0.02 professional tour. I recently switched gears to work as a software developer and a project manager for the HTCondor high throughput computing system. HTCondor is an advanced software package for harnessing the power of a networked cluster of computers, by utilizing CPU cycles which would otherwise sit around idle. HTCondor has been a research project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Computer Science Dept for many years.

As if that does not keep me busy enough, I also burn the midnight oil doing work for Coffee Computing Corp., a start-up company that I launched in conjunction with some very talented friends and co-workers of mine from the UW Computer-Aided Engineering Center, where I previously worked as the Director of the Model Advanced Facility.

And just to make certain I never get any sleep and am forced to drink 2-3 quarts of coffee daily, I am also a Contributing Editor with Network Computing Magazine, the leading and most-read national publication which caters to corporate IS networking professionals.

Enough for now. Someday I may get around to adding personal interests and link to Dilbert to this page, but don't hold your breath. And please don't email me asking, "Todd, when will you _ever_ list all your wonderful personal interests, like perhaps your hobbies?". I get hundreds of requests per week already for this. I know everybody else lists their hobbies and favorite recipes on their homepages, and I do think that it is oh-so very important that everyone does so. So I'll really try my hardest to get around to it. Hmmm. ;-)

Last update: 9/3/97