Tucker Bell

UW-Madison Undergraduate


Fun Fact

    The panoramic landscape photo above was shot by me, on the beautiful Frozen to Death Plateau, in the Beartooth Range of Montana.

About Me

Greetings, this is the home page of computer science undergraduate Tucker Bell. I made this website to showcase my abilities with CSS/HTML back in 2019. I had intended to continue providing new information on my classes and projects as I went through my final years in the CS program, but alas, it fell by the wayside. Please see the resume for more up-to-date information on my various CS activities.

-Tucker Bell, Jan 20th, 2021



See Full Resume



Drink Menu Terminal Program

TOPICS: C++ Proficiency, Custom Data Types

A command line tool for exploring cocktail recipes and filtering by ingredient.


mysh: A Basic Shell

TOPICS: POSIX job creation/management, C

A basic implementation of a functioning shell, which allows users to run and manage up to 32 processes.



CS 200 | Programming I
CS 300 | Programming II
CS 400 | Programming III
CS 354 | Machine Organization & Programming
CS 368 | C++ for Java Programmers
CS 537 | Operating Systems
CS 352 | Digital Systems Fundamentals
CS 564 | Database Management Systems
CS 640 | Networks
CS 536 | Compilers & Programming Languages

In Progress

CS 540 | Artificial Intelligence
CS 577 | Algorithms