Data Set for IMC 2010 Data Center Measurement

This page contains data from three of the data centers studied in the IMC 2010 paper titled Network Traffic Characteristics of Data Centers in the Wild. The data centers are: UNI1, UNI2, and PRV1. For each of these data centers, this page contains links for topology and SNMP data. Packet traces form the university data centers (UNI1 and UNI2) are available; however, due to space constraints you should directly contact me at for access.

Data Center name Topology Data SNMP DataPacket Traces
UNI1 Topology SNMP Packet Trace
UNI2 Topology SNMP Packet Trace
PRV1 Topology SNMP Unavailable

Naming Conventions

cr[0-9]+ Core devices
rc[0-9]+ Core devices
es[0-9]+ Edge/ToR devices
b[0-9]+ An external border device that peers with the core routers (Not included)

Data Formats


The topology files are plain text files. Each line in the file contains the following 4 columns: source_device source_interface destination_device destination_interface


The SNMP files are compressed text files. They can be uncompressed using the following commands "tar -xzf ". The each line in the uncompressed text files contains an SQL insert query for populating a mySQL database. The following sql file will create the appropriate table.

Packet Trace

The packet trace files are compressed pcap files. They can be uncompressed using the following commands "tar -xzf ". In anonymizing the data, the payload have been nulled out and the IP addresses have been anonymized using SHA1 hash. The traces are a snippet of the total data used in our evaluation. They contain the snippet that we are allowed to publish.