Here's Missy and My Dog (Baby) Bailey

Some Sad News

On December 26, 2008 Bailey died quite unexpectedly. At only 7 years old she had an afternoon/evening with a bloated and somewhat engorged (very firm, like a basketball) stomach, some disorientation, some stumbling and panting, and then she just plopped down on a linoleum floor for a couple more normal breaths and that was it. We will (and do tremendously already) miss her in our lives and we miss the tremendous love she had for the other 4 members of our family.

On the Deck

The Pre-kids Family

Smooshed Eating a Slipper
With Mommy With Daddy
On the Bed

University of Wisconsin Marching Band

Front row left to right: Me, Jeff Kist, Chris Knudson, Jason Schunk, Steve Lowry.

Second row: Dutch (I think it's him behind Jeff), Shaun Qualheim (behind Chris Knudson).

Third row: Brad Pope.

Oh yeah, this is a picture of when we were all in the UW-Marching Band (from the 1999 season I believe). Best band in the land! It ain't marching if you aren't high steppin'!!

Check out the current UW-Marching Band information here: On Wisconsin!

Here's a picture of some of my friends and I.

Rube Goldberg (Created by co-worker)

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