Computer Sciences Dept.

Angela Thorp

Student Coordinator
Picture of Angela Thorp

Angela joined the Computer Sciences Dept. in January 2007. She enjoys the opportunities her position provides to interact with a culturally diverse group of students and faculty.She has an undergraduate degree in Biological Aspects of Conservation from UW-Madison and an MS in Aquatic Ecology from George Mason University. Her previous work experience includes:

  • Park Ranger/Naturalist for the National Park Service and Virginia State Parks
  • Executive Director of an environmental nonprofit
  • Manager of a squid database at the Smithsonian NMNH
  • Field Biologist
  • Volunteer ESL Tutor and Tutor Trainer

Angela is in charge of administrative duties related to:

  • Graduate admissions
  • C.S. graduate & undergraduate student questions regarding university and department policies and procedure
  • Ph.D. qualifying exams, preliminary exams, and final oral exams
  • Undergraduate c.s. major declarations
  • Graduate students declaring a second major in c.s.
  • Student files & databases

Angela's leisure interests include:

  • Being in or on the water
  • Jogging, Biking, Hiking, "Botanizing"
  • Working and contemplating in her organic garden at Eagle Heights
  • Creating new recipes and cooking for friends and family
  • Songwriting, Music(all kinds)
  • Volunteering as a Big Sister  

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