CWX -- Current Weather

For a two-credit independent study in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (AOS699) I have written software to log and display wind data from the instruments currently on the roof of the AOS building. My advisor is Prof. Charles R. Stearns.


Software and hardware existed in 1992 to log the same data on the roof of the AOS building. It was written for an independent study (AOS699) by James F. Leffel in 1993. A lightning strike on 05 August, 1996 took this system out of service. Replacement hardware (a Keithley-Metrabyte DAS-16G A/D board) was purchased to replace the lightning damaged hardware. The new hardware was not put in place because of software interface differences, time constraints, etc.

My project:

I have written software to interface to the new hardware and to log and display data. My language of choice is Tcl/Tk. A few of the numerous reasons for my choice include ease of GUI development, availability for the PC/win95 platform, availability: free. This data is available immediately on the screen of the PC located in the 14th floor map bay and is simultaneously available on the web. Data is also logged every one minute (adjustable) and log files are rotated daily.

The web server is the same PC which reads the A/D values. It is currently located at the following URL: This site may be in and out of service at any given time, and without warning, as I am in the development stages.

Various other pieces of software have been chosen to make this machine as functional as possible. A list can be found at the following URL: .

Similarly, a log of progress and problems encountered can be found at this URL: .

The theory of operation behind this program can be found at the follwoing URL: .

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