Apple IIe power supply recap

The following are the capacitors found in my Apple IIe power supply. The power supply is an Astec Model AA 11040B with a date of 1984.

qty capacitance voltage part DK PN
4 47uF 250V C24, C25, C5, C6 P5925-ND
1 220uF 10V C7 P13456-ND
4 1000uF 10V C20, C12, C13, C14 (tall) P124221-ND
1 680uF 16V C20 (tall) P14396-ND
2 220uF 10V C16, C15 P13456-ND
2 330uF 16V C22, C21 P15729CT-ND
1 0.1uF 250V X2 input C1 399-7483-ND

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