LC meter

The VK3BHR Digital LC Meter Version 2

I've always wanted an LC meter -- and now I have one. This is an LC meter designed by VK3BHR and presented here.

Another project mostly from my junkbox -- I just needed the 16F628 and 100mH inductor from digikey. I suppose I could have wound that myself -- but how to measure it without a meter! This project went together easily and worked immediately. The enclosure is a plastic box that used to hold a Christmas ornament because I don't have anything better at the moment. It works -- I'll probably keep it in this.

The underside showing the board -- I did the iron-on and etching thing myself, I think this is the best board to date. I didn't have the "right" relay but this one works fine.

A different enclosure would allow for shorter leads, but oh well. It seems to read my existing caps and inductors properly. I think the calibration step nulls out any error. Considering what it does, there are dang few parts in this project.

Wed Feb 6 14:07:48 CST 2008 by timc!