ham TCXO units

Below is a short list of what I've found for some common ham TCXO units. Not a complete list and not guaranteed to be accurate but I'm happy to add/fix if you have an update.

See K4HV pages for more Icom OCXO/TCXO information.

vendor model frequency (MHz) used in notes
Yaesu TCXO-1 10.485760 FT-1000
Yaesu TCXO-2 ? FT-990
Yaesu TCXO-3 10.485760 FT-890
Yaesu TCXO-4 10.485760 +/- 2ppm FT-840, system600/FT-600 board differs from FT-1000 board...maybe not?
Yaesu TCXO-8 19.09333 FT-100 Standard in 100D models
Yaesu TCXO-9 22.625 FT-817, 857, 897 Same freq in FT847 but no spot for tcxo
Icom CR-282 30MHz +/- 0.5ppm IC-706 and friends
Kenwood SO-2 20 TS-870
Kenwood SO-3 15.600 TS480/TS590