Vertex VXD-720 / VXD-7200

The Vertex-Standard VXD-7200 and VXD-720 radios are NBFM/DMR radios produced and sold in the 2011 era and share some similarities with Motorola offerings and quite a few differences. I own a VXD-7200 and VXD-720 and have come up short on good technical information on these specific radios. This is what I've found. Additional information, comments and corrections are welcome. You can contact me at the email address associated with this account or look me up as WO9U on


The VXD-7200 is a VHF or UHF, NBFM and DMR-capable radio in a mobile form-factor. It is close to the XPR4550 in appearance and potentially hardware. In fact, you can see M logos on the VXD boards. Different firmware, of course.

The VXD-720 is the handheld version of the same, 5W output. Similar to the XPR6550.

Programming software

Unlike M, I understand the Vertex CPS was freely downloadable from their website. That website is now defunct. You might find copies elsewhere. One of the 'elsewhere' locations is: Vertex Radio Group -- yeah, you need to pay a few bucks but it'll save you time.
The most recent version I have found for the VXD radios is VSCE 5.5; there is a USA and Export version. The export version may not have the 25khz functionality via entitlement but my testing and installing hasn't been conclusive. I'm using the exp version, it works fine when hacked, details below.

Range Extension

If you're like me, you're using this for amateur radio purposes. Not due to lack of other radios but because you like a ridiculous challenge. There are "G6B" and "G7B" variants. The 70cm G6B is spec'ed from 403-470, the G7B variation is spec'ed from 450-512. Everything I've seen on the common auction sites, including my units, are the G7B versions.

You'll need to hexedit the running codeplug for this. This is the best guide I've found for the hexedit. It worked for me.

Wideband Entitlement

The publicized hack for the Motorola CPS to edit sfccomb.dll is close but not quite for VSCE. Here's what I did for VSCE 5.5 EXP and it worked for me.

Use the HxD hex editor to modify sfccomb.dll, on line 0x00014CF0, modify "06" in the "0B" column from 06 to 17. See this screenshot, note the yellow highlight for the change required.

Programming cables


This uses the Vertex CT-151 cable. There is NO level converter in this cable. This page from the XPR4550 install guide has the pinout. Just make one with a cut-off USB cable and a 0.1" header and be done with it. Pins 1,2,3,4 and you're good. Similarly, the XPR4550 cable is identical and can be used as well.


There's very little information I can find about the accessory connector. I've purchased two cables online and both were wrong / not right. Best you can probably do here is purchase the WRONG cable, take it apart, re-use the pogopins and make your own. Here is the wiring diagram that I figured out with mine based on looking at voltages, etc.

I don't know conclusively what the other pins do. Additional information welcome. Again, there is NO level converter associated with this cable. If you opt to buy a cable and it has two pins -- it's the wrong one. If you buy a cable and it needs drivers for a Prolific chip -- it's the wrong one.


I posted a request for additional info in a forum -- with plans to coalesce what I find here for future information seekers.

'RadioGuy7268' had success in swapping a XPR6550 shell on the VXD-720 electronics and using THAT accessory connector programming. Great! This is further confirmation of just how close the two devices are and a very effective way to work around the VXD720 programming cable issue.

Sat Jul 15 13:44:25 CDT 2023

Trying to install Vertex Standard Clone Editor on a fresh Win10 install -- end up with a "CPS" "Application Failed" message. No amount of permission wrangling fixed stuff. Installed the 32-bit VC++ redistributables -- nothing. Ended up installing .NET 3.5 (dotnetfx35.exe) and that solved it.

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