Taylor Kemp

Undergraduate Interested in Machine Learning

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My interests are focused in machine learning problems with heavy constraints. As an undergraduate my research has involved topics ranging from approximate hardware and machine learning to optimization methods for meta-material design. I would like to continue to pursue topics in research as a graduate student. This Fall, I am applying to Ph.D. programs, and am extremely excited to further my studies.


Computer Science(Theory)

Algorithmic Game Theory & Machine learning
Approximation & Online Algorithms
Advanced Algorithm Design
Linear Programming

Computer Science(Applied)

Matrix Methods for Machine Learning
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Introduction to Computer Architecture
Digital System Design and Synthesis
Introduction to Microprocessor Design
Introduction to Operating Systems


Analysis I/II
Stochastic Processes
Honors Higher Dimensional Calculus
Honors Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

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Madison, WI US



Email: tkemp@wisc.edu