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A note about the TrendNet TK-207K.

<_Quinn> er, .)
<Garran> Wai, a one-eyed smiley. Bet he has a story...
<_Quinn> he does! He pissed dot off and she took herself back!
<Garran> Alas! But isn't he closer to the dot-nature now, unclouded by his previous duality?
<_Quinn> Indeed, his lack of the .nature was what pissed dot off initially!
<Garran> Aha, how apt it is, as well; that the dot-nature is hidden from one without the right kind of flags on 'ls' ^W^W^Weyes.
<_Quinn> In truth, is inscrutability not following the one true $PATH? :)
<_Quinn> I find it reassuring that '.' is always here, even if she's not, too. :)
<Garran> Hee, writing documentation for this would be a blast.

AARON(1)                        Dot-Friend Manual                       AARON(1)

    aaron - send CANDYGRAMS to #wifl users.

    aaron [yes|no|maybe] ...


    aaron uses the CTCP CANDYGRAM command to (attempt) to alter (improve) dot's
MOOD.  This command operates non-deterministically, and may be affected by the
weather, dot's appetite, how horny she is, and how far away she is from aaron.

    'aaron yes' attempts to teleport aaron to dot's current location.  This may
result in a cessation of the marilee daemon pine(1)ing, but may cause 'wai!'s
to be randomly interjected on your command line, or edited documents.  It may
also cause the marilee daemon to use your phone line.  (Don't worry; she's nice,
and usually remembers not to direct-dial.) The effect is strictly temporary and
may result in a worsening of the named user's MOOD when aaron is returned from
whence he came.

    'aaron no' is a bad idea.

    'aaron maybe' is an even worse idea, though he doesn't seem to think so.  
'mind', from the BSD games collection, will be invoked, if present.  'mind' is
very similar to 'nethack', except it's less fun for both parties involved.
'aaron maybe' may cause marilee to emit 'kill -KILL' directives.

    .marilee -- ...

    garran(7) -- Generate random puns from stdin.
    cola(1) -- Attempt to acquire a single-calorie soft drink.
    umm(4) -- Hesitate for some amount of time.  If equipped with a sound
             card, emit a humming noise.
    panther(3) -- ...
    hornet(2) -- Equivalent to 'echo Yum'.  You probably don't want to 
             know why this is useful.
    _quinn(5) -- If invoked without a leading underscore, _quinn becomes
             irritable and behaves as if he were a call to gandalf(0).
             Otherwise, transforms a list of adjectives from stdin into
             outrageous flattery.  Calling _quinn on the output of garran(7),
             or vice versa, is not recommended.
    sorcy(3.141592654) -- converts stdin to l33t.


    This 'aaron' was compiled to use version 18 of marilee.  Expect a new
version in about a year.

    If the user's name is 'aaron', the results are (more) unpredictable.	

    Depending on the hour in GMT -6, marilee may be unavailable, or forget not
to direct-dial.  This may result in long-distance bills which require an FPU
to calculate, especially if the direct-dial call resulted from a call to

(Valentine's Day, 2002.)