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Tyson Williams

Cell: 415-857-0246

I am an outgoing and energetic fourth year student, double majoring in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. I'm interested in a wide variety of subjects and love to take on new problems. I've spent the past two summers in the Bay Area working with start-ups. I am currently seeking a Summer 2014 postion either in the US or Europe.

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University of Wisconsin - Madison

B.S. Computer Science
B.S. Computer Engineering
Expected graduation: May 2015


Repustate Intern - San Francisco, CA (remote) - 06/13 - present

  • Repustate specializes in machine learning technology and multilingual social media analytics
  • Publish white papers highlighting interesting trends or insights from social media
  • Keywords: sentiment analysis, data mining, machine learning

AVOS Intern at| - San Francisco, CA - Summer 2012

  • Worked directly with YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steven Chen on a daily basis
  • Helped launch and contributed to a redesign of
  • Assisted in the formation and growth of a startup incubator

Rising Sun Energy Services Intern - Berkeley, CA - Summer 2012

  • Designed and implemented a social outreach plan around the SF Bay area

DoIT Student Devoloper - Madison, WI - 08/11 - present

  • Collect and analyze data regarding technology usage on campus
  • Assess and recommend plans for technology implementation around campus/li>
  • Test and evaluate new software for the University of Wisconsin system

Experimental Aircraft AssociationSecurity Infrastructure - Oshkosh, WI - 2008 - 2010

  • Oversaw the operation of security surveillance in a high-pressure environment

Best BuyCounter Intelligence Agent - Appleton, WI - 2011

  • Repaired computer hardware and software for Geek Squad
  • Communicated with stores and corporate regarding repair understructure

Do Fans Matter?

I authored a white paper pursuing the hypothesis of media sentiment affecting team performance.

Yelp Recommendation System

Using item-to-item collaborative filtering, I helped to build a recommendation system using Yelp's academic dataset.

Spam Classification with a Naïve Bayes Classifier

Built a naïve Bayes classifier to classify spam SMS.

Embedded word k-NN Classifier

Built a k-Nearest Neighbor classifier in Java.

Decision Tree for German Credit Ratings

A Java implementation of a decision tree to predict good or bad credit.

Twitter Clone

Created and deployed a Twitter clone on Heroku using Redis and

Unix Shell

Built a command line interpreter in C.

Demand paging system

Designed a fully functional demand paged virtual memory system.

Software RAID manager

Implemented a software RAID manager in C.

iOS Calculator

Designed a calculator in Objective-C using Xcode.


Stanford University: Workshop on Algorithms for Modern Massive Data Sets

Algorithmic and statistical challenges in modern large-scale data analysis.

Python, Java, C, Thumb-2 (ARM), MIPS Assembly