Vamsi K. Ithapu

I graduated from Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin Madison, in early Spring of 2018. I currently work for Facebook Reality Labs. I am a member of the Audio team at FRL. I work closely with Ravish Mehra (Oculus VR) and Laurens van der Maaten (Facebook AI Research).

At UW, my graduate research adviser is Prof. Vikas Singh. I collaborated extensively with Prof. Sterling Johnson from WADRC (Wisconsin Alzheimer's Disease Research Center) Imaging Group.

Prior to UW, I completed bachelors in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. During my junior year, I interned at IRMA (Image Retrieval in Medical Applications) group under the supervision of Prof. Thomas M. Deserno. Post bachelors, I also spent ten months as a Research Engineer at ARL (Acoustics Research Laboratory), National University of Singapore.

Here is my CV.

              5780 Medical Sciences Center
              1300 University Avenue
              Madison, WI 53706-1510
              Email : ithapu (at) wisc (dot) edu