POEMS/MASC: Peformance-Oriented End-to-end Modeling System/ Model-based Adaptive Software Control

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Current Topics

POEMS/MASC Publications (partial list):

Related & Prior Publications by POEMS/MASC Participants

  • Krishnamurthy, A., R. Suri, and M. K. Vernon, "A New Approach for Analyzing Queueing Models of Material Control Strategies in Manufacturing Systems", Proc. 4th Int'l. Workshop on Queueing Networks with Finite Capacity (QNETs2000), West Yorkshire, U.K., July 2000. (postscript, pdf)

  • Krishnamurthy, A., R. Suri, and M. K. Vernon, "Push Can Perform Better than Pull for Flexible Manufacturing Systems with Multiple Products", Proc. Industrial Engineering Research Conf., Cleveland, OH, May 2000. (postscript, pdf)

  • Interface relaxation methods for elliptic differential equations
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  • Recommender systems for problem solving networks
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  • T.T. Drashansky, E.N. Houstis, A. Joshi, J.R. Rice, and S. Weerawarana. Collaborating problem solving agents for multi-physics problems. 15th IMACS World Congress, Wissenschaft and Technik Verlag,(1997), 541--546. (slides)

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