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SWORD: Scalable Wide-area On-demand Reliable Digital Streaming

Directed by Mary K. Vernon

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Project Overview

This project is developing next-generation transport level and application level data delivery protocols for the Internet and other on-demand data delivery systems that will contain large, popular, widely-shared streaming media files.

The approach that we have pioneered includes:

  • a scalable near-optimal transport protocol that shares bandwidth fairly and includes a small number of input parameters that are easy to configure for all network paths,
  • simple, scalable on-demand real-time streaming protocols that recover lost packets and use multicast to implement optimized client stream sharing,
  • streaming content distribution networks that minimize delivery cost, taking client cost sharing into account,
  • delivery protocols that can be applied to media objects that have high, moderate, or time varying popularity,
  • design of the techniques for Internet (or Web) delivery as well as for satellite/cable delivery, and
  • the use of high-fidelity analytic models as well as a prototype implementation to guide system design.

The results of the research have been implemented in the SWORD prototype streaming system, to demonstrate implementation feasibility and validate the projected performance improvements.