William W. Donaldson

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Raytheon Company
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Statement of Purpose

To develop and implement algorithms for modelling real-world data. My most recent work involved algorithms for partitioning graphs.

Academic Interests

Areas in which I have done work

Brief History

I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from the Ohio State University in 1985. I then earned a Master's of Applied Statistics Degree from the Ohio State University in 1987. After graduation I worked for the United States Department of Agriculture, first in Washington, D.C. and then in Madison, WI. I was with the USDA from 1987 to 1992.

While in Washington, I applied time-series and multivariate analyses to farm economic data. The multivariate analysis involved processing very large data sets on a PC. It was this exposure to high quantity computing that lead me into computer science.

I completed my Ph.D. in Computer Science during the Spring, 2000 under the supervision of Robert R. Meyer. All of my research pertained to graph theory. In particular, I studied ways of partitioning a certain class of graphs. The title of my dissertation is "Grid-Graph Partitioning". You may either look at the abstract or the full text.

The following three pointers show how the Donaldson-Meyer algorithm partitioned a diamond, an ellipse, and a torus each into 64 parts.
I am currently working as an applied mathematician with the Raytheon Co. in Garland, TX.
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Recent Publications

Donaldson, W.W., 2000. "Grid-Graph Par.titioning", Ph.D. Dissertation.

Donaldson, W.W. and R.R. Meyer, 2000. ``A Dynamic Programming Heuristic for
Regular Grid-Graph Partitioning". To appear.

Donaldson, W.W. and R.R. Meyer, 2000 ``Generating Locally Optimal Partitions for the Rectangular Grid-Graph Problem".

Donaldson, W.W. and R.R. Meyer, 2001. ``Imposing Exploitable Substructure to a Sub-class of the Graph Partitioning Problem''.


Dr. Eric Bach
Comuputer Science Department
University of Wisconsin

Dr. Rolf E. Bargmann
Department of Statistics
University of Georgia

Dr. Deborah A. Joseph
Computer Science Department
University of Wisconsin

Dr. Robert R. Meyer
Computer Science Department
University of Wisconsin