Xidong Wang

Computer Sciences Department
University of Wisconsin - Madison
1210 West Dayton St.  Madison, WI 53706
Phone: (608) 262-6600
email: wxd@cs.wisc.edu
URL: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~wxd



M.S. Candidate in Computer Science, expected 2002
Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science, expected 2005
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Grade point average (out of 4.0): None yet
Master in Computer Science, GPA 3.8/4.0
Tsinghua University of China, September 1998 - June 2000

Bachlor degree in Computer Science, GPA 3.8/4.0
Tsinghua University of China, September 1993 - June 1998



Relevant Courses

Current course:
       CS701    Construction of Compilers
       ECE902  Virtual Machine Architure, Implementation & Application

Course taken:
       CS752    Advanced Computer Architecture I
       Project:   Effect of CGMT Processors on Branch Prediction
       Summary:  Effect of multithreading processors on branch prediction is discussed and data structures of branch predictors are examined and optimized to achieve better branch performance

        CS764   Advanced Topics in Database Systems
        Project:  A Niagara - based Quilt Processor Inside Cocoon Over Apache
        Summary: Integrate query execution part of Niagara with parser model of Kweelt to produce a high performance Quilt (a XML query language) query processor in Cocoon web  publishing framework

       CS736    Advanced Operating System
       Project:  Lookup Service in Jini-based Network-Attached Storage System
       Summary: Figure out performance bottleneck of lookup service in a Jini-based Network-attached Storage system and provide some solutions in order to achieve scalability and efficiency

       CS838-2: Computer Animation
       Project:    Comparison of PSD & SSD skinning methods
       Summary: implement the SSD and PSD skinning methods and make a comparison between them.