Xiaoyi Yang

I am Xiaoyi Yang, a senior student in University of Wisconsin-Madison with double Major in Math and Statistics (with Honor) and Minor in Computer Science. I plan to focus my future graduate studies on statistics. I am an R programmer, and am also able to use MATLAB, JAVA and C. Please check with BIOGRAPHY option for my full academic background.

I am currently interested in Social Statistics, especially social network. Please check with RESEARCH option for my honor thesis and PROJECT option for other in-course projects. Meanwhile, I am also fully open to all the other topics for applied statistics.

During my undergraduate study, I took many courses which cover varies of topics in statistics and math. Please check with COURSE option if you are interested in the courses I have taken.

I work as a part-time math tutor in several locations on campus. If you are interested in my work and volunteer experience, please check with the TUTOR option.

Contact information can be found in CONTACT ME option and the full text content of mywebsite can be downloaded as .Rmd file HERE.