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The conference features an exciting program consisting of invited talks, paper presentations, panel sessions, poster presentations, and software demonstrations. Papers have been selected from two separate tracks, the Research track and the Experience/Challenge track, thus fostering the synergy between database researchers and domain scientists. The tentative program is given below.

Sunday 8/10
Reception/Registration	5:00-7:00
Monday 8/11
Breakfast/Registration	7:45-8:30

WELCOME			8:30-8:45

DATA MINING		8:45-10:15
Chair: David Maier

(Invited Talk) Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Databases: Implications for Scientific Databases
Usama Fayyad

Knowledge Discovery in an Earthquake Text Database: "Correlation between Significant Earthquakes and the Time of Day"
J. A. Goldman, D. Stott Parker, and W. W. Chu

Coffee Break		10:15-10:45

PANEL			10:45-12:00
Data Mining and Modeling in Scientific Databases
E. Kapetanios and M. C. Norrie

Lunch			12:00-1:15

ESTIMATION		1:15-2:45
Chair: Doron Rotem

A Cost Model for Estimating the Performance of Spatial Joins Using R-trees
Yun-Wu Huang, Ning Jing, and Elke A. Rundensteiner

Data Abstraction through Density Estimation by Storage Management
Kathrin Anne Meier

Large-Sample and Deterministic Confidence Intervals for Online Aggregation
Peter J. Haas

Coffee Break		2:45-3:15

DATABASE I/O		3:15-4:15
Chair: James French

Query Pre-Execution and Batching in Paradise: A Two-Thronged Approach to the Efficient Processing of Queries on Tape-Resident Raster Images
JieBing Yu and David DeWitt

Parallel Input/Output with Heterogeneous Disks
S. Kuo, M. Winslett, Y. Chen, Y. Cho, M. Subramaniam, K. Seamons

POSTERS/DEMOS		4:15-5:30
A Prototype Metadata Database for Online Analytical Processing of Environmental Data
H. Geller, J. Ertlschweiger, S. Conger, and A. Ryberg

For Scientific Data Discovery: Why Can't the Archive be More Like the Web?
T. H. Hinke, J. Rushing, S. Kansal, S. J. Graves, and H. Ranganath

A Spatial Data Cube Concept for supporting Data Analysis in Environmental Epidemiology
V. Kamp, L. Sitzmann, and F. Wietek

VANILLA, A Dynamic Data Schema for a Generic Scientific Database
Karla Massey, Larry Kerschberg, George Michaels

An Integrated Scientific Database System and Value-Added Support Center: Application to Ecological Research of the Forest Canopy and Biosphere Interface
L. J. Milask, T. Guynup, C. Hammel, L. Kerschberg, and G. Michaels

Developing and Accessing Scientific Databases with the Object-Protocol Model (OPM) Data Management Tools
I-Min A. Chen, Anthony S. Kosky, Victor M. Markowitz and Ernest Szeto

ESMDIS: Earth System Model Data Information System
Y. Chi, C. Mechoso, K. Sklower, R. Troy, M. Stonebraker, R. Muntz, E. Mesrobian

Remote Access Tool for Earth Science Data
Elaine Dobinson and Robert Raskin

Managing Soil Science Experiments Using ZOO
Y. Ioannidis, M. Livny, A. Ailamaki, A. Ranganathan, A. Therber, M. Yuin, M. Anderson, and J. Norman

Clam and Salmon Bake	6:00-7:30

Tuesday 8/12
Breakfast/Registration	8:15-9:00

Chair: Andrew Westlake

(Invited Talk) The S-PLUS DataBlade for Informix Universal Server: the Natural Wedding of an Object-Relational DataBase with an Object-Oriented Data Analysis Engine
Doug Martin and Vikram Chalana

Coffee Break		10:00-10:30

Chair: Marianne Winslett

Summarizability in OLAP and Statistical Data Bases
Hans-J. Lenz and Arie Shoshani

Usability of Compromise-Free Statistical Databases for Range Sum Queries
Ljiljana Brankovic', Peter Norak, and Mirka Miller

Security Problems for Statistical Databases with General Cell Suppressions
Tsan-sheng Hsu and Ming-Yang Kao

Lunch			12:00-1:15

METADATA		1:15-2:15
Chair: Epaminondas Kapetanios

(Invited Talk) Metadata: A Case Study from the Environmental Sciences
Francis P. Bretherton and William L. Hibbard

Coffee Break		2:15-2:45

Chair: Per Svensson

Some Thoughts About a Metadata Management System
Jean-Pierre Kent and Maarten Schuerhoff

A Simple Structure for Statistical Meta-Data
Andrew Westlake

Using the STEP Standard and Databases in Science
Udo Nink

Puget Sound Cruise/Dinner 6:00-9:00
	(leave dorms/hotel at 5:30)

Wednesday 8/13
Breakfast/Registration	8:15-9:00

Chair: Victor Markowitz

(Invited Talk) Biomining: The Emerging Perspective On Computationally-Driven Drug Discovery
Tim Hunkapiller

Coffee Break		10:00-10:30

SYSTEMS I		10:30-12:00
Chair: Maria Zemankova

LOGOS: A Computational Framework for Neuroinformatics Research
M. Stiber, G. A. Jacobs, and D. Swanberg

Beyond Interoperability - Tracking and Managing the Results of Computational Applications
J. Cushing, J. Laird, E. Pasalic, E. Kutter, T. Hunkapiller, F. Zucker, and D. Yee

Constructing and Maintaining Scientific Database Views
I-Min A. Chen, Anthony S. Kosky, Victor M. Markowitz, and Ernest Szeto

Lunch			12:00-1:15

PANEL			1:15-2:30
Scientific Databases: A Challenge in Interdisciplinary Education
Larry Kerschberg

Coffee Break		2:30-3:00

SYSTEMS II		3:00-4:00
Chair: Yannis Ioannidis

geoPOM: A Heterogeneous Geoscientific Persistent Object System
S. Nittel, R. R. Muntz, and E. Mesrobian

The Virtual Domain Application Data Center: Serving Interdisciplinary Earth Scientists
M. Kafatos, Z. Li, R. Yang, P. Hertz, D. King, X. Sean Wang, H. Weir, H. Wolf, D. Ziskin

Yannis Ioannidis
Wed July 31 17:05:15 CDT 1997