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Hi! Welcome to my personal website.


Intel Corporation

Wireless Driver Validation Engineer · Full-time

- Implement and maintain HW/SW regression validation tools
- Automation Framework Infrastructure
- Intel Wireless Adapter Driver Validation

Army Communication Electronics Information Training Center

Signaller - Army Signal Corps

- Military strategy
- Mobile communications infrastructure
- Computer Network Approach
- Mobile microwave communication system

Computer Science Learning Center at UW-Madison

CS Tutor · Part-time

- Recorded short YouTube videos demonstrating Makefile instructions helping students understand concepts in programming class
- Tutored over 50 students on programming projects in Java and discuss improvements

BETTER - Cup Rental System - Student startup

Software Technician

- Maintained cup rental system to solve the mass waste problem of disposable cups cooperated with merchants
- Worked in a diverse group consists of students from different cultures and backgrounds


University of Wisconsin – Madison

Sep 2018 - Jun 2021

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Courses -

Artificial Intelligence - Algorithm - Computer Engineering - Computer Graphics - CS Education - Data Structure - Database Management Systems - Data Programming - Machine Organization - Operating Systems - Software Engineering

Bellevue College

Sep 2016 - Jun 2018

Associate of Arts and Sciences with Distinction
Member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Concordia Middle School

- Jun 2016

High School Diploma


3D Graphics Town & Helicopters

Graphic design in THREE.js for creating 3D object animations and applying Bezier curve to track motions.

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A web application helps user deciding wearing outfits by uploading physical clothing pictures into virtual wardrobe.

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Meal Plan Analysis

A meal database system with Graphics user interface that users can build their analyzed food list and output their plan.

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Buffer Manager - B+ Tree Index Manager C++

Built a structure on top of the pages that get from the I/O Layer to the nodes of the B+ tree.

Utilized indices stored in its data in a file on disk, creating a disk image of the index file.

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