Hello, I am Yikuan Zhou and welcome to my list of projects:

HashMap GPS
In progress, Demonstrations coming soon.
  • Implemented a modified HashTable Map with chaining for collisions
  • Processed a .DOT (graph description language) using Java streams
  • Tested code with junit
  • Created a UI for out app with JavaFX
Reverse Engineering
  • Utilized gdb to reverse engineer password datat from a compiled C program
  • Click here to see a picture!
Python Investment tools
Demonstrations coming soon
  • Developed an investment tool using python to select option trades with acceptable risk & reward
  • Developed client-side software to retrieve market data and trade information by integrating with brokerage’s server
Python Image to text Processor
In progress, Demonstrations coming soon
  • Extracted market data from screenshots of FFXIV utilizing Python’s OpenCV (Computer Vision Library) and pytesserac
  • Formulated a statistical analysis on video game data to optimize earning in-game currency
Tree ITunes
  • Implemented Red Black tree with insert, removal, and in order traversal in Java
  • Compiled with javac on Linux bash
  • Tested code with junit
  • Collaborated with a partner using git, committing on separate branches and merging different branches at end
  • Utilized Makefiles to build executables and utilized shared libraries
Heap Simulator in C
  • Modeled a Heap in C
  • Applied first-fit, next-fit, best-fit placement policies to an existing heap structure in C
  • Utilized generic pointers (void *), bit-masking, bit-shifting
Cache Simulator in C
  • Modeled a Cache in C using pointers and structs
  • Applied a LRU (Least Recently Used) replacement model to Cache