Workbook 12: Graphics Town

CS559 Spring 2021 Sample Solution - Workbook 12

Written by CS559 course staff

You can try out the example solutions here. The interesting code is on Graphics Town and The Train.

This workbook is due on Wednesday, April 28, 2021.

This workbook is a chance to put everything from class together!

Because we skipped Workbook 10, there is a page Page  1  (Warmup: Fancy Texturing) in this workbook that reviews that material very briefly. It has a simple exercise on it (for you to practice using advanced texturing before you need to use it in your town).

But after that, there is just one big box: Graphics Town. On Page  2  (Graphics Town).

Rather than having a lot of small boxes, there is a single big window. And in it, you get to make a world. It’s a chance for you to be creative and make something cool.

We realize that you have limited time to do this, so our expectations are not that unreasonable.

Unlike other workbooks, the detailed instructions and rubric for graphics town are not in the workbook. The workbook has links to the web, which has the instructions and rubric (the list of pages is here). This allows us to make clarifications if necessary. If a change is made after the assignment is released, it will be noted at the top of the page. We will make announcements of important changes on Canvas.

Also: note that on Page  3  (Graphics Town Text Boxes) there are text boxes for you to fill in. A key rule of graphics town: you only get points for what you document in the text boxes! If you do it, but don’t describe it (as the instructions tell you), you didn’t do it.

Learning Goals

  1. To gain experience applying the concepts from class in order to create something more interesting
  2. To apply texturing techniques to create appearances
  3. To practice fitting different types of models together to make a scene
  4. To experiment with methods for creating objects and behaviors
  5. To experiment with advanced interactive graphics techniques

Due Date

Officially, the assignment is due Wednesday, April 28, 2021. This workbook will have a different late policy. We will not be able to allow a whole week (as we have with prior workbooks). Note that this workbook counts double (you have 2 weeks), and cannot be dropped from grading.

See the instruction page for more details.

A Note on Collaboration

Please be sure to read this section in the assignment instructions.


Workbook Rubric (100 points total)
Points (85):
Box 12-01-01
3 pt
Skybox in exercise
Box 12-01-01
3 pt
environment map
Box 12-01-01
3 pt
bump or normal map
Box 12-01-01
2 pt
fill in text box
Box 12-01-02
4 pt
answer 4 questions in text box
Box 12-grtown
70 pt
basic points for graphics town
Bonus points (15):
Box 12-grtown
15 pt
bonus points for graphics town

Get started on Page  1  (Warmup: Fancy Texturing)!