Page 2: Graphics Town

CS559 Spring 2021 Sample Solution - Workbook 12

Written by CS559 course staff

You can try out the example solutions here. The interesting code is on Graphics Town and The Train.

For this assignment, the instructions and rubric are on the course web, not inside the workbook.

Short version: Make a “town” in the world on the 12-grtown.html page in the workbook. Get points for making things. Document what you do on Page  3  (Graphics Town Text Boxes). If it’s cool, you’ll get a good grade.

Why is there a long version? Students often want to know “how much do I need to make?” Or “how cool does it have to be?” But, we want to make things be flexible because students can be very creative, and we want to encourage that.

The hard part is quantifying “enough” and “cool”. We might say “you’ll know it when you see it.” But instead, we have to try to write something…

Note: the graphics town “box” isn’t shown on this page - it is a separate html file: 12-grtown.html.

You can earn up to 70 basic points and 15 bonus points for transforming the simple scene with some random stuff in it into something else. (there were 15 (basic) points on Page  1  (Warmup: Fancy Texturing)).

There are a bunch of pages explaining what you should do. There is an index page which links to:

  1. The instructions (start with this)
  2. The rubric - This is useful because it implies the things you should do.
  3. Some hints - This includes an explanation of some aspects of the framework, as well as some hints of students have asked about in the past.


  1. You must document (in the textboxes on Page  3  (Graphics Town Text Boxes)) what you do in order to get credit.
  2. Add any files that you create to the repository.
  3. Push early and often - it provides a backup in case something goes wrong.
  4. Be aware of the collaboration policy (on the instruction page)
  5. Keep the user interface on 12-grtown.html - you can add things to it, but we need the functions (like the “grader” button)
  6. Complete the handin survey when you are done (and have pushed)

Within the workbook, there is 12-grtown.html page and its associated 12-grtown.js. This is where your town goes. There is also an examples directory, which gives you some sample stuff to get started.

We have given you a basic “world” to start. It is really more of a collection of random objects than a “town.” You may use these objects in your town, but you should arrange things in a more meaningful manner. In fact, you should not use the main function that we provide as an example.

You need to highlight some of your objects. As an example, we have highlighted some of our objects - but you can only highlight objects that you created. Be sure to remove the highlighting of our objects.

The next page Page  3  (Graphics Town Text Boxes) has a number of text boxes for you to fill to document what you have done.

Page 2 Rubric (85 points total)
Points (70):
Box 12-grtown
70 pt
basic points for graphics town
Bonus points (15):
Box 12-grtown
15 pt
bonus points for graphics town