Page 3: Graphics Town Text Boxes

CS559 Spring 2021 Sample Solution - Workbook 12

Written by CS559 course staff

You can try out the example solutions here. The interesting code is on Graphics Town and The Train.

Fill in the text boxes as explained in the rubric.

General Hints

Put the name of an instance of the object as it appears in the “lookat selector”, put a “*” after the name of the object if it is highlighted. So, in the example I might put SimpleHouse-5*

Replace the ??? with your response. When you are done, there should be no ??? in any text box. Please leave the file as intact as possible (any text other than the ??? please leave)


Describe the theme or idea behind your town - what were you trying to create? 12-03-theme.txt.

Object List

This textbox asks for a list of the objects you use for the “Object Quantity and Diversity” Requirements. Please keep the “list forms” (e.g., the numbering given) - and you don’t need to list more things here than there are lines in the file. For each object, give the name of one instance of it that can be found in the highlight list, and a short description. Mention if you give attribution in the box below.

Note: by “kind” of object we mean a distinct type of object. For example, you might have a car that you make 10 versions of.

For example, here are example lines for things in the example:

1. SimpleHouse-5* - a textured house made of basic geometry from WB9
Building: SimpleHouse-5* (described above)
Model: "Track Car" - loaded from an FBX file from the web, attribution below

File: 12-03-objects.txt

Behavior List

This textbox asks how you fill the Behavior requirements. For each, give an example object (that should be highlighted), and a description.

File: 12-03-behavior.txt

Advanced Things

Describe each of the “Advanced Things” that you attempted and think you should get points for. For each one that your did, be sure to:

  1. Give the name and number of the type of advanced thing
  2. Give an object (in the highlight list) that we can look at to see it
  3. Give a brief description of what you did

For each one start it with AdvancedThing: - and put a blank line between them.

Example description

Here is a simple example of what it might look like (for some of the things in the example objects).

AdvancedThing: Morphing (#6)
The MorphTest object uses shape interpolation between a sphere
and a flat shape using THREE's morphing implementation.

AdvancedThing: Complex Behavior (#2)
The Helicopter-0 has a behavior with a state machine. The
helicopter takes off, chooses one of the helipads at random,
turns to go in that direction, flies there, and lands.

File: 12-03-advanced.txt


Attributions for models and images that you used. If you found them on the web, please include a link.

File: 12-03-attributions.txt

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