In Bash, Makefile can be defined as a tool that allow us to keep track of the commands that we can use to run and compile our code

How to Use?

  1. Download the latest version of the package using: sudo apt update
  2. Install the Make tool using: sudo apt install make
  3. Navigate to your project folder
  4. Create a file called using: nano Makefile
  5. To create a target to Run or compile, type the name of the target, followed by a colon ':'. Then, click enter and tab to type the action we want. We can keep adding actions by pressing enter button, tab button, and type our target
  6. To create dependencies, press the space button in front of the colon. Then, type in the other target we want to do before this target running. We can keep adding dependencies by pressing the space button before adding other dependencies
  • Make Tutorial
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