Chen Zeng

Graduate Student
Computer Science Department
University of Wisconsin-Madison
zeng at cs dot wisc dot edu

About me

I am a PhD student at University of Wisconsin-Madison under the supervison of Professor Jeff Naughton. My research interest lies in data management, and I am particularly interested in database privacy.

I spent a great summer (2011) as an intern at Google on database optimizer. I am graduating in 2013, and actively looking for job in both research labs and industries.


On Differentially Private Frequent Itemset Mining. [pdf]
Chen Zeng, Jeffrey F. Naughton, Jin-Yi Cai
To Appear in Very Large Data Base 2013 Trento, Italy

On Optimal Differentially Private Mechanisms for Count-Range Queries. [pdf]
Chen Zeng, Jin-Yi Cai, Pinyan Lu, Jeffrey F. Naughton
To Appear in International Conference on Database Theory 2013 Genoa, Italy

On Differentially Private Clinical Data Analysis.
In Preparation