Computer Sciences Dept.

Andrew Morgan

Graduate Student


I represented UW–Madison in the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) during the 2013–2014 and 2014–2015 seasons. Each time, my team went on to compete in the ICPC world finals. In the 2015–2016 season I returned as an assistant coach, where again our top team qualified for and competed in the ICPC world finals. More details on our teams' successes can be found in the Hall of Fame on coach Dieter van Melkebeek's website.

During the 2014–2015 season, my team put together a library of useful routines and data structure implementations for use during the ICPC world finals. It is freely available on Github here, and can also be found in ~icpc/libraries/Do-You-Even-PSPACE.git on the UW–Madison CS machines. There are some automated tests included. Please feel free to fork and upgrade it as you see fit—but let me know if you do, I want to see where it goes! The library is largely based on a prior Stanford library, found here.

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