UW Madison


  • Worked on implementing ‘Stratos, A Network-Aware Orchestration Layer for Middleboxes in the Cloud’ during fall 2012 - spring 2013. Stratos allows tenants to specify logical middlebox deployments and provides efficient scaling, placement, and distribution algorithms that abstract away low-level issues in ensuring effective application performance. My contribution involved implementing network aware placement, flow distribution using floodlight controller for Under the Cloud(UtC) prototype.

  • Presented a poster ‘Smart Load Balancing in Data Centers’ which uses openflow based approach for load balancing in datacenters during Wisconsin Institute on Software-defined Datacenters in Madison (WISDoM) kick-off workshop 2012.

  • Built an elastic, high performance middleware messaging system ‘Hevea’ as part of Distributed Systems course project at UW Madison during fall 2012. Report

  • Part of 3 member team on ‘Enhanced Multimedia Services in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks’ for Beyond 3rd Generation (B3G) Applications as part of Final Year Project at CEG during 2009-2010. Thesis

  • Part of 3 member team in implementing RFC-2446 iCalendar Transport-Independent Interoperability Protocol (iTIP). My work involved client side programming using Network Programming in C. This was done as a part of Network Programming Laboratory in 5th semester at CEG during 2008.