Piramanayagam Arumuga Nainar

Graduate Student
Computer Sciences Department
University of Wisconsin - Madison
1210, W Dayton st
Madison, WI
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Contact Information:

Office: (was) 6352 Computer Science Building
E-mail: arumuga [at] cs.wisc.edu


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2012
  • M.S. in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007
  • B.E. in Computer Science from Anna University, 2005


I received a doctoral degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My research interests include Programming Languages and Software Engineering. I worked with Prof. Ben Liblit in the Cooperative Bug Isolation project.


Applications of Static Analysis and Program Structure in Statistical Debugging



  • Statistical Debugging Using Compound Boolean Predicates, ISSTA 2007
  • Automated Adaptive Bug Isolation Using Dyninst
  • Adaptive Bug Isolation, ICSE 2010


I have done several courses and projects as a part of my Master's degree and Mathematics Minor at UW-Madison. Project abstracts and reports are available upon request.

Summer 2008

  • Math 431 - Introduction to the Theory of Probability

Spring 2008

  • Math 542 - Modern Algebra
  • Math 771 - Set Theory

Fall 2007

  • Math 770 - Foundations of Mathematics

Spring 2007

  • CS 810 - Models and Formalisms for Computation
    • Project: Survey of Complexity of Model Checking
  • CS 838 - Advanced Natural Language Processing (now CS 769)
    • Project: Finding Software Topics - Author Topic Modeling of Bug Reports and Commit Messages

Fall 2006

  • CS 547 - Computer Systems Modeling Fundamentals
  • CS 706 - Analysis of Software Artifacts
    • Project: Statistical Debugging Using Compound Boolean Predicates

Spring 2006

  • CS 704 - Principles of Programming Languages
  • CS 752 - Advanced Computer Architecture
    • Project: Performance Study of Log Based Transactions in Software

Fall 2005

  • CS 577 - Introduction to Algorithms
  • CS 701 - Programming Languages and Compilers
    • Project: Survey of Compiler Support for Transactional Memories
  • Teaching Assistant for CS 367


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