Aws Albarghouthi

Aws Albarghouthi
Associate Professor
Computer Sciences
Ho-Chunk land

I study the art and science of program verification and synthesis. I'm a member of madPL, an awesome research group at the forefront of programming languages research. I joined Wisconsin in 2015 after receiving my PhD from UToronto working with Marsha Chechik. I'm always looking for ambitious students. Check out my research agenda and email me.  |  CS 6363  |  twitter  |  blog

🔥 News

8.21 Yuhao's paper on proving robustness of LSTMs to appear at EMNLP!
8.21 Blog post: A Quantum Circuit Simulator in 27 Lines of Python
6.21 Had fun speaking to Henzinger's group at IST Austria
1.21 Had fun speaking at UCSD's PL seminar
1.21 2 new Drs in the house: Congrats to Dr. Sam Drews and Dr. Jinman Zhao!
1.21 Paper on learning privacy mechanisms to appear at S&P 21
1.21 Figaro accepted to CHI 21; congrats to David and Laura

📚 Books

Introduction to Neural Network Verification
Aws Albarghouthi
in progress

📝 Papers

see all papers   |  preprints on arxiv

Certified Robustness to Programmable Transformations in LSTMs
Yuhao Zhang, Aws Albarghouthi, Loris D'Antoni
EMNLP 21 Natural Language Processing

Learning Differentially Private Mechanisms
Subhajit Roy, Justin Hsu, Aws Albarghouthi
S&P 21 Security and Privacy (Oakland)

Figaro: A Tabletop Authoring Environment for Human-Robot Interaction
David Porfirio, Laura Stegner, Maya Cakmak, Allison Sauppé, Aws Albarghouthi, Bilge Mutlu
CHI 21 Human Factors in Computing Systems

Robustness to Programmable String Transformations via Augmented Abstract Training
Yuhao Zhang, Aws Albarghouthi, Loris D'Antoni
ICML 20 Machine learning / code

Generating Programmatic Referring Expressions via Program Synthesis
Jiani Huang, Calvin Smith, Osbert Bastani, Rishabh Singh, Aws Albarghouthi, Mayur Naik
ICML 20 Machine learning / code

Proving Data-Poisoning Robustness in Decision Trees
Samuel Drews, Aws Albarghouthi, Loris D'Antoni
PLDI 20 Programming Language Design and Implementation / code

🎓 Students / postdocs

Anna Meyer
David Porfirio
Yuhao Zhang

Samuel Drews (PhD, 21) ➞ Software Engineer at Facebook
Jinman Zhao (PhD, 21) ➞ Applied Scientist at Amazon
Calvin Smith (PhD, 20) ➞ Postdoc at UT Austin
Goutham Ramakrishnan (MSc, 20) ➞ ML Engineer at Health[at]Scale
Yun Chan Lee (MSc, 19) ➞ Software Developer at AWS

🏆 Awards

20 Facebook probability & programming research award
20 Facebook probability & programming research award
19 Facebook probability & programming research award
18 Best paper award at UIST
18 Best paper award at FAST
17 Best paper award at FSE
17 NSF CAREER award
16 Google faculty research award
13 SV-COMP 4 gold medals

✏️ Teaching

F21 CS 536: Intro to Compilers and Programming Languages
S21 CS 704: Principles of Programming Languages

🛠️ Service

22 PLDI, OOPSLA, VMCAI, CAV (2020 special issue)
21 MAPS (publicity chair), VMCAI, IJCAI, AAAI, PPAI, FAccT, NSNLI, FoMLAS (co-chair), Recourse

🍉 The name / أوس البرغوثي

My first name rhymes with house—i.e., pronounced ouse. Aws is an ancient Arabic word for wolf. The first recorded mention of Aws that I'm aware of is in a Graeco-Arabic inscription.

My last name is pronounced Al·bər·go͞o·tē (or Bər·go͞o·tē). Albarghouthi is a Palestinian family from the village of Deir Ghassaneh, about 20 miles north of Jerusalem and east of Jaffa.


To my knowledge, my PhD thesis (p. 77) is the first CS thesis to cite Jay Z
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