Pushing Puzzle

Push Puzzle

Press m and click to move character or push blocks

You can move up only one block and go down no more than two blocks.

You can only push one block at a time

You can't pull and you need a square to stand on to push a block

Press p and drag to pan camera

Select a level with 0, 1, or 2

Press space to restart

Press s and drag to spin

Press p and drag to pan camera

Press z and drag to zoom

Level 0 goal--flatten everything

Level 1 goal--touch all four sides

Press 2 goal--touch the corner near the four high stack

Would you like to see the source code or download the program? You can get the files you need here. If you can't see the whole applet, you can press F11 for fullscreen mode or change your screen's resolution.

UW Madison >> CS department >> Tim's website >> Push