C/C++ References:
   Dinkumware's C++ Reference
   GNU C Library Reference from CS, Utah
   GNU C Library Manual
   GNU Standard C++ Library
   GNU gcc (Home)
   C/C++ Programming Reference (by
   C++ Programming HOW-TO (by
   C++ Standard Libray Quick Reference (by Pablo Halpern)
   C Standard Libaray Quick Reference
   C++ Quick Reference (C++ toturial, references)
   ACM Unix Tutorial - Compiler (GCC), GCC - Intro.
   Makefiles (short version)

Perl References:
   Perl Documents (from (by L. Stein)
   CGI Programming with Perl
   PDL: The Perl Data Language (a powerful package)

Course Pages:
   CS784: Data Models and Languages (Prof. Ramakrishnan)
   CS764: Topics in DBMS (Prof. DeWitt)
   CS731: Advanced AI (Prof. Page) (from Page's homepage )
   CS564: Database (Prof. Ramakrishnan)
   CS302 - consultants
   CS515 - TA, programming

Mail Site:
   Yahoo Mail
   CS-Madison Mail


Other Resources:
   Mozilla Web Development reference
   Microsoft DHTML reference
   FrameNet at beechung@cs
   Computer Sciences, UW-Madison
   University of Wisconsion - Madison
   Programming Resources at
   Merriam-Webster OnLine
   OneLook Dictionary Search
   Wikipedia Encyclopedia
   Privacy Preserving Mining: Review
   Privacy Preserving Data Mining (by Oliveira)
   Commonly used Unix commands
   Latex Command Reference or HERE
   Latex Reference
   Data Mining Datasets