The music I listen (or sing) to is an eclectic choice of about everything except rap. Play rap if you want to hear me scream. Opera has a similar reaction... well, some opera, others are OK I do listen to classical, new-age, pop/rock, folk, and instrumental music. In some cases I like almost all the music done by a artist. Other cases, I enjoy just a song or two.

OK, well as of 2009, I'm listening to some Rap and Hip-Hop as well, so I guess you canna say it makes me scream ... at least some of it :) However, Opera still doesn't make the cut.

Country and Western? Dunno, it usually depends on an individual tune or song more than anything else.

I used to dislike purchasing MP3s, rather have the entire CD. These days so there are so many new artists with one or two cool songs that I really enjoy purchasing single tracks to put in my collection. The downside of this is you don't exposed to the rest of the bands music, just what is popular in JukeBoxes, and may miss some gems.

Table of Contents

What I've been listening to Recently

In other words, some new music or bands that I'm trying out for size. This really started when a few of the guys that like my music choices pointed out some other newer bands that I might enjoy.

Local Artists


Not a comprehensive list, often these are victims from the new music section that I liked enough to keep listening to.

Sources of Lyrics

You'll need to hunt-n-peck through these various lyrics services. They don't individually have 100% coverage, but put a few together and you can usually find what you are looking for.

Watch out, most of the lyrics sites have some sort of pop-up!

Programs and Collections

This was from a long time ago... probably need to track down a good source of net radio stations!

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