FAWM: February Album Writing Month 2004

FAWM 2005 And Beyond

FAWM (February Album Writing Month) is now an established annual thing, and lives on at its own cybervilla: www.fawm.org. We're keeping this page live here for historical reasons or something. For those who care. As if.

FAWM 2004 Analysis

And the winners are... everyone!!

Well, technically FAWM 2004 started out with seven participants, but within the first week we were down to four. (Some of the original seven had life circumstances or lack of web-savviness to hold them back for the inaugural year.)

The four who remained all managed to write at least 14 songs by midnight February 29. Of course, most years we'll only have 28 days... But this year, between the four of us, we wrote a total of 66 songs! (Most of which are actually worth hearing.) Here is a graph that summarizes our overall contributions: [FAWM Graph]

And now for the Awards ceremony: