How do I become a member?

Everyone in the Computer Science Department is already a member. You are always welcome to participate in all our events and if you are interested in getting involved behind the scenes email us.

What do we do?

Currently we organize and host three Expert/Professor Talks per semester and several discussions.  We focus our talks and discussions on current events in the world of computers and technology.

What are Expert/Professor Talks?

Expert Professor Talks are events held three times per semester and consist of a Professor or industry expert guest speaker telling all in attendance about their area of expertise. In the past, we have had guest speakers present on the future of computing, computer games, and cryptography.

What are the discussions?

The discussions are held every couple weeks and consist of everyone in attendance talking about the given topic or about other things that are on their minds. It is simply meant as a way to help people that are interested in computer science and technology to get together and meet others with similar interests.

How can I get involved?

If you would like to be on a leadership team or have ideas about how to improve the club, send e-mail to



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