Computer Sciences Dept.

CS 810 - Complexity Theory

Spring 2007


5/2: Project presentation schedule:

Date/Time Room Topic Speaker(s)
Mon 5/14, 1:30pm 5331 Alternate Reductions of PH to Counting Matt Anderson
Mon 5/14, 3:00pm 5331 Undirected Path Problem in Log-Space Chi Man Liu
Tue 5/15, 1:00 4310 Recursive Fourier Sampling Seeun William Umboh
Tue 5/15, 2:30 4310 Pseudorandom Generators Nathan Collins
Wed 5/16, 1:30 2310 Complexity of Model Checking Piramanayagam Arumuga Nainar
Wed 5/16, 3:00 3310 Polynomial Approximations Tom Watson
Thu 5/17, 1:30 4310 Locally Decodable Codes Matt Elder
Thu 5/17, 3:00 4310 Learning Circuits Jake Rosin

4/20: The last assignment is posted.
3/2: The second assignment is posted.
2/12: The first assignment is posted. Click the "Assignments" tab on the left to download it.
1/14: Welcome to CS 810!

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