Computer Sciences Dept.

CS 710 - Complexity Theory

Spring 2010


5/4: Project presentation schedule:

Date/Time Room Topic Speaker(s)
Mon 5/10, 2:00pm 3310 The Computational Power of Incompressible Strings Mushfeq Khan, Ashutosh Kumar, and Brian Rice
Thu 5/13, 2:00pm 4310 Space-Efficient Algorithms for Undirected Connectivity Chris Hopman
Fri 5/14, 9:00am 4310 Good Enough Randomness from Linear Congruential Generators Michael Correll
Fri 5/14, 10:00am 4310 QIP=PSPACE Phil Rydzewski and Tyson Williams
Fri 5/14, 11:00am 4310 Locally Decodable Codes Amanda Hittson and Beth Skubak

1/19: Our lecture room has changed and will be 1263 CS&S for the rest of the semester.
11/15: Welcome to CS 710!

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