Tedward Erker

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I am a statistical consultant (starting March 2019) and a research fellow (ending 2019). As a consultant in the CALS Statistical Consulting Lab, I assist researchers in data analysis and study design. As a research fellow, I study urban ecology.


I seek to understand the interaction between humans and the environment in the places where most of us live: cities. More specifically, I'm interested in how urban forests affect urban climate, building energy use, and carbon emissions, and in turn how the urban environment affects the health and productivity of the urban forest. Madison, WI is my home and case study.

I strive to make all my work fully reproducible using emacs org-mode.




erker wisc.edu

I limit my presence on social media to prevent distraction, but that makes it harder to stay in touch. If you are an old friend or former student who found this website, please email me. I'd love to catch up and get a cup of joe if you're in town.

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