Tedward Erker

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I currently have three roles at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. I am a faculty associate in Statistics, a consultant in the biometry program, and a researcher in the Townsend Lab in the department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology.


In the spring, I teach Statistical Methods for Bioscience II, STAT 572, the second semester of a year long statistical series for graduate students in the life sciences. Students learn multiple linear regression (including polynomial regression, qualitative predictors, and model selection), logistic regression, and analysis of experiments (including factorial designs, block designs, mixed effects models, and split-plot designs).


As a consultant in the CALS Statistical Consulting Lab (a part of the biometry program) I assist researchers in data analysis and study design. One of the most exciting parts of this work is learning the science of a very wide range of areas including dairy cow milking technology, spotted owl habitat selection, golf course greens, fungal spore dispersal in the atmosphere, cancer in dogs, decay in beets, and nitrogen fixation in corn.





erker wisc.edu

I limit my presence on social media to prevent distraction, but that makes it harder to stay in touch. If you are an old friend or former student who found this website, please email me. I'd love to catch up and get a cup of joe if you're in town.

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