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CS 638 Web Programming


There will be seven 20 minute in-class quizzes, one after each segment of the class. The best 6 out of your seven scores on these quizzes will account for 30% of the overall score.

If you want to get a feel for the types of problems to expect you can take a look at the sample exam. It covers the entire material of the class with emphasis on early segments. The quizzes will have 2 problems, not 5 like the sample exam. The solution to the sample exam is also available.

Programming assignments

There will be four regular programming assignments and an optional extra-credit assignment. Each of these assignments is individual. You are free to discuss your solution with colleagues, but you will have to write the actual code you hand in on your own. Cut'n pasting even small snippets from others' assignments is a big no-no. You will have one week for each regular assignment. They will ad up to 40% of the overall score. The extra credit assignment is weighed as 5%.


The final accounts for 30% of your overall score. It will be at 5:05 PM on Wednesday December 19th in room 1257. You will be allowed to use a hand-written cheat-sheet (both sides of a letter-size sheet of paper). The final will have 7 to 9 problems similar to those on the sample exam and the quizzes.


Test nameAverage scoreStandard deviation
Quiz 113.4/203.48
Quiz 214.2/203.72
Quiz 315.4/203.41
Quiz 415.7/203.16
Quiz 513.9/202.14
Quiz 615.8/202.37
Assignment 19.5/100.49
Assignment 28.6/101.62
Assignment 39.6/101.41
Assignment 48.8/101.2