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CS 838 Algorithmic design for fast network systems
(a.k.a. Network algorithmics: building fast network devices)
Spring 2008


You will work in groups of 2-3 students on a class project accounting for 55% of your overall score. Each project will evaluate a novel solution for a performance-critical task for routers or network servers. In late February I will present some project ideas (mostly related to deep packet inspection) and you can work on one of those ideas, or propose your own. Your project can propose an entirely new algorithm/solution or it can evaluate one of the new solutions I will put forward. The final outcome of the project will be a 20-minute in-class presentation of your results and a paper that will be evaluated similarly to submissions to academic conferences in the field.


There will be six in-class quizzes mostly with problems from the textbook. The best 5 of these 6 will account for 40% of your final score.

Class participation

5% of your overall score will be for your participation to in-class discussions and "bug reports" for the textbook. As of the 14th of May nine students have submitted bug reports, with a total 74 new bugs, 20 bugs that were also identified in 2005 when this class was first offered, and 22 duplicate bug reports.


Test nameAverage scoreStandard deviation
Quiz 17.3/102.39
Quiz 210/100
Quiz 38/102.45
Quiz 47.69/102.69
Quiz 59.67/100.65
Quiz 610/100