Research Projects

Modeling Social Behavior: This project aims at building computational understanding of social behavior in face-to-face communications.[ Project Page].

Selected Course Projects

CS736 (Advance OS): This project was motivated by a bug report related to MySQL version 4.0. This particular bug will only manifest under certain OS scheduler such as it will manifest under CFS (completely fair scheduler) but not under O(1) scheduler. The CFS scheduler was added to Linux kernel version 2.6.23. The older kernel version had O(1) scheduler. I investigated how different OS schedulers might affect the manifestation of concurrency related bugs. [Report].
CS766 (Computer Vision): We looked at different algorithms for detecting pitch, yaw and roll angle of human head from a live video stream. This information was then used to control the head of a human-like robot. [Report]
CS770 (Human-Computer Interaction) : What kind of robotic assistant would you prefere as a childcare provider? or a office secreatary?. In this project, we investigated expectations of users for social robotic assistant for a given task and context. [Report].