Link to Project Assigned Date Due Date
Project 1 June 17 (Friday) June 26 (Sunday) before 11:30 PM
Project 2 June 30 (Thursday) July 11 (Monday) before 11:30 PM
Project 3 July 14 (Thursday) July 27 (Wednesday) before 11:30 PM
July 29 (Friday) before 11:30 PM
Project 4 July 28 (Thursday) August 7 (Sunday) before 11:30 PM

As part of the course, you will complete FOUR Projects. Projects are worth 40% of your grade.

The projects are a fundamental part of this course. Most projects require a significant amount of time; do not procrastinate! It is likely they will take longer than you expect. Do not wait until the day before the project is due to start. These projects should be started pretty much when they are handed out. All information necessary to complete the projects will be available from the class web page.

All of the projects will be in Java. We will help introduce these a bit but of course the real learning of anything as awesome as a new language is done on your own. Get to work!

For the projects, you will primarily be graded on how well your implementation works. We will test your program on a suite of input sets. Your grade will be based on how many of the tests your application passes; we will also examine your code to ensure that you followed the specifications of the project.

You can optionally work on projects in pairs (that's two, and only two individuals). Both students working together must be currently enrolled in the course. Pairings may be different on different projects.

Also, don't cheat. We take academic misconduct very seriously. See here for details.