Greg Piller


Obtaining a position in Electrical or Computer Engineering. Special interests include Computer Architecture, microprocessor design, and VLSI design.

	University of Wisconsin – Madison					1997 - Present
	- College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin striving to obtain a Bachelor of Science
 	  in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a certificate in Computer Engineering.
	- Overall GPA: 3.51/ 4.0
	- Anticipated graduation: May 2002
	- Maintained status as a full time student on the Dean’s Honor List for 8 semesters.
	- Recommended for membership in the Golden Key National Honor Society.
Relevand Course Work
    	- C++, Java, VHDL, and Verilog programming	- Data Structures
	- Operating Systems Design		- Digital System Fundamentals
	- Introduction to Microprocessor Systems	- Computer Architecture
	- Digital Engineering Laboratory		- Advanced Computer Architecture
	- Machine Languages stressing the MIPS RISC and Intel 80C188EB architecture
Relevant Projects
	- Writing and interfacing programs with an 80C188EB processor to generate specific waveforms through
	  the use of onboard timers and program I/O ports. Also worked with processor
	  interrupt techniques, serial communication, and D/A conversion.
	- Designing and testing both multicycle and pipelined processors with an ISA resembling MIPS.
	- Designing, testing and implementing a non-trivial computer with an original instruction set 
	  with a group of six people to end at our overall project goal of designing a system to play the
	  game of Pong.
	Help Desk Assistant – Intercollegiate Athletics, UW-Madison			1998 - Present
	- Part of a team providing level 1 help desk support; resolve problems pertaining to local area
	  networks; responsible for troubleshooting, installation and configuration of all hardware and
	- Extensive experience in the use and support of software packages, including Microsoft Office
	- 2000, Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Novell Netware 5.0 and Zenworks, Photoshop, and Groupwise.
	- Experienced in the use of Borland C++ Builder for database applications.

	Summer Intern – Division of Information Technology,UW-Madison		Summer 1998
	- Course work involving the technical aspects of computer hardware and computer networking.
	- Proficient in the use and support of Microsoft Windows NT and Microsoft Office 97.  Gained
	  knowledge of computer help desk operation and techniques of conveying computer related
	  information.  Learned the basics of computer repair.

Activities such as baseball, football, tennis, biking and weightlifting. I also like to work on small construction projects and computer builds. Spending time with family and friends is also of major importance in my life.

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