Computer Sciences Dept.

David Guild

Graduate Student, Teaching Assistant

Picture of David Guild

Interesting Work

Most computer science work is meant to address a specific problem and, absent a desire to solve that problem, is fairly uninteresting, even to other computer scientists. Code is meant to be functional, not exciting; if you want a good read, pick up a novel.

The notable exception is in the field of graphics and animation, where work is usually visual in nature. Here is some of my work, rudimentary though it may be.

Short Animation

This is a simple animation I made for CS 777 with help from fellow student Raja Bala. It is very loosely based on the game World of Good, by 2D Boy. No external assets were used, except for a few basic textures included in the student version of Autodesk Maya 2011.

Van Gogh Filter

Mouseover to see original image. Click for full size.

This is a filter made for CS 533. It transforms an image into something that resembles an impressionist painting. Go here for more examples.

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